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Non-Christians: God’s Masterpieces

Posted by on Oct 6 at 8:16 am

John Burke tells how to view your non-Christian friends as God¹s hidden Rembrandts, yet to be revealed.

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Pro surfer Bryan Jennings – Your hobby as a ministry

Posted by on Feb 9 at 11:10 pm

Surfing has helped Bryan connect with non-Christians. Hear him explain how your hobby can do the same.

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Dennis Rainey – Memorize His Story AND Your Story

Posted by on Jun 22 at 8:40 pm

Dennis Rainey, radio host of Family Life Today, explains how to memorize a short presentation of both the gospel and of your personal testimony

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Alistair Begg – Learn How To Witness…Then Go Teach Someone Else How

Posted by on Jun 22 at 9:22 pm

Leading radio pastor Alistair Begg challenges us to get witnessing training, then to go help others know how to articulate the gospel without “dumping a wheelbarrow” on them

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Hip-Hopper Chris Tabron Challenges Us: Tell ‘Em! (Plus his full music video)

Posted by on Jun 22 at 9:47 pm

Hip-Hopper Challenges Us: Tell ‘Em!

(Plus his full music video)

Hip-hop artist Chris Tabron hesitates to share his faith sometimes. This inspired him to produce a rap song calling himself (and all of us) out. He explains it, then sings it.

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William Lane Craig – How to answer: “There’s no proof of a God.”

Posted by on Jun 22 at 9:27 pm

Preeminent philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig has an answer for anyone who feels there’s no proof for the existence of God: “Look at these contemporary scientific discoveries!”

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