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How the gospel can OVERFLOW from you to others:

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Links to other evangelism resources:

We wanted to include some helpful links for you that we thought would help you expand your evangelism experience and give you additional access to authors, partners, and evangelism tools.  Overflow Today is just one way of growing in confidence and ability in engaging your non-Christian friends.  We encourage you to continue to seek out other resources as you grow as an ambassador of Jesus Christ.

Author’s Websites
Bryan Jennings http://walkingonwater.com/
Dr. Hugh Ross http://www.reasons.org/
Randy Newman http://randydavidnewman.com/
William Dembski http://www.designinference.com/index.htm
Tim Downs http://timdowns.net/
Rick James http://www.rickjameshome.com
Tim Muehlhoff http://faculty.biola.edu/timothy_muehlhoff/
Josh McDowell www.josh.org
Lee Strobel www.leestrobel.com
Greg Koukl www.str.org
Larry Moyer EvanTell
Mark Cahilll www.markcahill.org
Paul Copan www.paulcopan.com
Rick Richardson view now
Gary Habermas www.garyhabermas.com
James Choung view now
Phil Long Sacrificial Poet
Dr. Stephen Meyer SignatureintheCell.com
Steve Schaefer LivingInTheOverlap.com
Overflow Today Partners
Outreach Magazine www.outreachmagazine.com
The Godsquad www.godsquad.com
Evangelistic Ministry Websites
Campus Crusade for Christ www.ccci.org
Global Media Outreach www.globalmediaoutreach.com
Youth With A Mission www.ywam.org
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship www.intervarsity.org
The Navigators www.navigators.org/us/
LiveAbove.com www.liveabove.com
Evangelism Explosion International www.eeinternational.org
National Outreach Convention National Outreach Convention
Veritas Evangelical Seminary Veritas Evangelical Seminary
Featured Book Publishers
Tyndale House Publishers www.tyndale.com
Zondervan Publishing www.zondervan.com
Intervasity Press www.ivpress.com
Kregel Publications www.kregel.com
Harvest House Publishers www.harvesthousepublishers.com
Penguin Group www.penguin.com
Group Publishing Inc. www.group.com
Bethany House Publishers www.bethanyhouse.com
Genesis Publishing Group www.genesis-group.net
Baker Books www.BakerPublishingGroup.com


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